About Us

Who We Are

We are a small specialist team of New Zealand registered Occupational Therapists who have New Zealand and overseas experience branching to South Africa and the United Kingdom.  Between us we have a magnitude of experience and training to adequately assess and treat children aged 0-12 years of age covering a range of specialist areas.  Currently we treat children within the school or education environment, at their homes or at our clinic based out of one of our therapists homes.

We have a number of local referral sources who we work closely with in order to provide the best multidisciplinary approach for your child.

How can we help?

There are many interrelated areas of a child’s development that change continuously as they grow. If there is a minor delay or problem with one of these areas this can often have an effect on how a child functions in relation to the other developmental areas. If there are problems with development it will usually show through behavior problems, motor/sensory functioning issues, learning difficulties and social/emotional issues.

Sometimes parents will notice something is ‘not quite right‘ with his or her child in comparison to their peers, but may not be able to pin-point the issue. If these initial minor problems are not dealt with in the early stages of a child’s development, they can progress, compound and become more serious issues which interfere with learning, functioning and general living. More often than not, children require assistance in only one or a few developmental areas through means of specific non-invasive therapy to enable them to function effectively at their chronological age expectation.

Through assessment and liaison with other professionals involved, we determine the underlying issues causing problems in the child’s learning and we work with the child and their caregiver to fix it.

What’s the process?

The therapists at Kids Plus are trained to assess all areas of paediatric development and function using clinical standardised assessments. Once a child presents for treatment, a qualified therapist will carry out an extensive assessment process which may take 1-3 sessions. Once the assessment process is complete (which includes the production of a detailed report) a therapist will discuss the findings and outcomes with the child’s parent.

From there a specific program will be designed to treat the child’s issues through specific activities and therapy. A recommended treatment plan will be discussed with the caregivers to establish the therapy-based program that will be most beneficial for the child and best suited to their family circumstances.